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Safety, Health, Environment & Risk

Lots of companies say they are serious about health, safety and environmental management; at Intex we really mean it! The highest standards of health, safety and environmental management are core to our business and will never be compromised for other business objectives. We consider health, safety and environmental excellence as key to our ongoing success.

The company believes that accidents, incidents and work related ill health are not inevitable and the company is committed to continual improvement in its health, safety and environmental performance, its ultimate goal being ZERO HARM.

Successful health, safety and environmental risk management is an integral part of Intex’s daily lives and we work hand-in-hand with our HSE Advisor to ensure that all aspects receive due consideration throughout the planning, execution and completion of all our Projects. At Intex we will not undertake any work for which we are not confident we can deliver without LOSS: loss to people, loss to property or loss to process.

We consider our people, our clients and our neighbours have a right to expect a safe place of work and the company is committed to safeguarding their well being. As such, all Intex employees are empowered not to undertake any work where the risk to themselves or any other person or the environment is considered unacceptable. Every member of the company’s workforce has Board authority to decline to undertake any work activities they consider unsafe.

At Intex we are committed to working in an incident and injury free manner at all times and all company employees are encouraged to report any unsafe acts or conditions they witness, identify or experience during the course of their work. We have a culture of challenging accepted standards, practices and behaviours and always seek new, innovative and ultimately safer ways of working.

In all aspects of the company’s activities, all applicable health, safety and environmental Legislation, Codes of Practice and associated Guidance form the minimum standards to be met and the company continually strives to achieve, if not set, industry best practice across all its activities.

The company assures of its collaboration in the promotion of a positive health, safety and environmental culture and is committed to continual improvement in our standards of risk management, ensuring they remain a core business value and key to our ongoing success.

At Intex we’re proud of our incident and injury-free record and we invite you to challenge us if you think we are working unsafely.